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Shanghai TV foreign language channel conducted special interview and report on our company

May 12 , 2022

With the continuous expansion of our foreign trade business, our product popularity and brand reputation have become increasingly prominent, highly praised and recognized by international customers, and highly concerned by the news media.

On the morning of May 9, Guo Yongzhong, chairman and general manager of the company, was invited by the foreign language channel of Shanghai TV to conduct a special interview with our company. The interview content included our products and annual export volume, how to overcome difficulties during the epidemic and hope.

This interview was broadcast on CGTN (CCTV International Channel) at 16:15 on May 9, and will be broadcast on ICS Shanghai Foreign Language Channel at 21:00 on May 10. The following is the video and text content of this report:

Every year, this aluminum products manufacturer exports around 5,000 tons of color coated aluminum to overseas markets in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America, and Europe.  The aluminum is widely used in industries like architecture, home appliances, and even advertising. The company has seen its export orders jump 40% year-on-year during the past 2 years, and despite the new wave of COVID outbreaks they’ve kept on rising during the past four months.

1.Has the local epidemic this year had a specific impact on your production and exports?

We started closed management in April and resumed operations on April 28th.  We‘re now back to full production capacity.  We’ve had to learn to produce faster and more accurately, with better techniques and conduct online marketing, online communication and online ordering.

2. For the production and export of enterprises, what are the current larger costs? What kind of help do you want?

Our costs have jumped by around 70% from last year – that includes raw materials, energy and sea freight shipping costs. They’ve been high since the outbreak.  And the foreign exchange rates have been fluctuating so that it’s been hard to arrange settlements.  We cannot transfer those costs to our customers, so we hope that the government could accelerate the export tax rebate process, and provide more targeted supportive policies regarding foreign exchange settlement.

This interview will help to attract more international customers to our company, promote the connection between our brand and international resources, and have great significance for our company to further expand the international market and improve the ability of stable export growth.

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